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We develop solutions for sustainable agriculture

based on free Amino Acids derived from natural keratin since 1986.

A team of hyper-specialists

Our sales team works closely with our R&D team to get the best training on the technicality of our products.
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All our products are tested according to their field of application

Many trials have been realized in various conditions to better understand the modes of action and know the<br /> performances of ingredients and active substances.
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We only sell what we produce.

BCF Life Sciences recovers amino acids from keratin on its production site through a unique and complex industrial process.
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Leafamine® Technology is a unique mix of 17 free Amino Acids of natural origin exclusively in L-form.

They are directly and rapidly assimilated by the plant, resulting in a significant improvement in plant metabolism.
Amino Acids are essential for plant growth because they combine to form proteins, which are then stored in plant cells for use in plant development and certain structural and metabolic physiological functions.


A unique water-soluble powder formulation.

The highest concentration of free Amino Acids on the market.

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Homologation MFSC AMM

MFSC Approval

AMM N° 1220514

BCF Life Sciences has obtained the approval in France of Leafamine® (WSP 82% Free Amino Acids) based on Leafamine® Technology. Approved for a sole to be used alone or as agronomic additive, Leafamine® is your new ally for the stimulation of your crops.

Marketing Authorization delivered by ANSES on 25/10/2022 

Our team of agronomists and researchers work to develop the proven performance of our products from the laboratory to the field.


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