The highest content of free amino acids on the market

LEAFAMINE® Technology, a "pure" active substance Amino Acids

Leafamine® Technology is derived from keratin, a protein made of an assembly of Amino Acids. Our demineralization unit allows us to obtain a maximum concentration of Amino Acids on our BCF Life Sciences site BCF Life Sciences in Pleucadeuc.

Total amino acids on dry matter

A unique process in EUROPE.

Our process allows the protein to be finely fractionated to extract only free amino acids and very small peptides (<5 AA). The very low molecular weight ensures immediate penetration into the plant.

Fleurs de pommes de terre
Plan de tomates
Feuilles de pommes de terre
Grappe de raisin

Amino Acids exclusively in L form.

The natural Levorotatory configuration (L-form) of the Amino Acids is preserved. This is the only configuration recognized by plants and micro-organisms, which guarantees maximum efficiency.

Composed of 17 Amino Acids

The resulting aminogram of "Leafamine® Technology" is naturally balanced and contains a significant amount of all Amino Acids of interest for the physiology of the plant.

The diversity and complementarity of the roles of these 17 Amino Acids is at the origin of the numerous benefits provided by LEAFAMINE® Technology, including

  • Improving resistance to abiotic stresses (hydric, thermal, nutritive …)
  • Stimulate plant development through the production of leaf biomass.
  • Improve root growth, flowering and fruit ripening.
  • Increase photosynthetic activity.
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Total amino acid profile (eng/100g AA)

To understand and demonstrate the performance of our Free Amino Acids for sustainable agriculture