Understanding and Demonstrating the Performance
of our Free Amino Acids
for Sustainable Agriculture

Démarche de Performance Prouvée du Laboratoire au Champ

Our products are supported by a Proven Performance approach from laboratory to field

Our team of agronomists and researchers work to develop the proven performance of our products from the laboratory to the field.

Laboratory tests

greenhouse tests

Field validation

Scientific communication

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PLANT CARE by BCF Life Sciences has developed its own plant laboratory which allows to conduct in vitro and in planta tests on many crops. The tests can be performed either in optimal growth conditions or in stressful conditions (thermal, hydric, nutrient deficiency…) thanks to our phytotrons and climatic chambers.

30 collaborations

with Universities and Technical Institutes to understand the modes of action of our Free Amino Acid Mix with the most advanced scientific techniques.

"Study of the effects of Leafamine® on plant physiology under water stress conditions (ELPHY)"
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Biostimulants World Congress
"Efficacy of Leafamine on soil and rhizosphere microbial activity to improve strawberry yield"
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Statistical validation in real conditions

with an ambitious program of field trials with replications carried out by recognized service providers applying Good Experimentation Practices (GEP)

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If you wish to consult our result by crop, do not hesitate to ask for our technical sheets by filling in the contact form

Performance monitoring under production conditions,

in many countries and on all crops in farmers' plots monitored by our partners and distributors.