Participation in AFAIA – 2022 edition

Part of the BCF LifeSciences Plant Care team had the opportunity to participate in the fourth edition of the 2022 AFAÏA Symposium held this Tuesday, November 15th in Paris. The theme of this colloquium, «committed to better cultivation», was illustrated by the intervention of members and experts: academics, agricultural officials, managers of farmers’ associations.

In addition to the regulatory issues that are central to the members’ concerns, the sessions focused on meeting new societal expectations related to agriculture:

  • Preservation of soil quality
  • Improving the resilience of agriculture and training professionals in modern agronomy

These topics are at the heart of BCF Life Sciences’ activity through its commitment to the circular economy and proven performance, notably through tests on soil life and increased resistance to abiotic stress.

BCF Life Sciences is a member of AFAÏA, a professional union established in its current form in 1986, which represents agricultural input manufacturers and marketers.

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